Working with Nathalie is a transformative experience, illuminating paths I never imagined taking.

From our first meeting, her warm presence and attentive listening put me at ease, allowing me to open up and confide with confidence. Her ability to create a safe and welcoming space was the foundation of our successful collaboration.

Her wisdom and intuition, combined with a deep knowledge of coaching, guided me through my own barriers, helping me recognize and unlock my potential. She knew how to ask the right questions, those that pushed me to think deeply and to see beyond what I thought possible.

I am particularly grateful for the times when she was able to encourage me with kindness, motivate me with passion and support me with unwavering patience. Her insight and ability to see the best in me inspired me to push myself, every step of the way.

She helped me balance my inner being with my outer aspirations, leading to a harmony I had never known.

Nathalie is an angel to me, I have great gratitude to this magnificent and powerful woman.

- Isabelle

Harmony with yourself goes through the Zenitude in your mental space.


Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision,
see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Why work with a practitioner & coach?

  • Are you tired of not living your full potential?
  • Are you tired of not feeling in control of creating your life the way you know it can be, whether it takes a little or a lot of time?
  • Do you feel that you have a mental space overflow?
  • Do you tend to feed your negative thoughts, or in other words, do you easily add fuel to the fire of your worries?
  • Do you want to be able to become the person who lives your dreams?
  • Do you feel this deep desire to better understand your emotions and your mental space so that you no longer feel controlled by your emotions and beliefs?
  • Do you want to feel more in control of your life?
  • Would you like to have a personal coach, a teacher and a person without any ego-judgment who accompanies you for 6 months to help you understand yourself better, better reprogram your mental space, know how to change your perspective on yourself, others and life, and understand the concept of the infinite possibilities that are there but that you don't see?
  • Are you an entrepreneur in the field of well-being or spirituality and would like to have support and guidance to ensure that you use your passion, your skills and your inner guidance and not just your ego with its limitations and logic to deliver what you have to offer and stay in tune with your full potential?

I only have few available places at a time, and one of these places may be for you.

To work with me you must want to seriously invest yourself in yourself to change your ego-based patterns, to do your inner work, to follow your dreams and move towards your full potential? One step at a time. Your step at a time. You must want to invest your time and energy and believe that you cannot do it alone. I'm not talking about me, but about your Higher Self and your Higher Power.

I will accompany you for 3 or 6 months, and then you will know how to better follow this inner guidance and not your ego-based mind without me.

Once a week we will meet via Zoom for 45 minutes, and then you will have practices and things to do between our meetings. The most important investment will be between our meetings.

The ‘3 or 6 months’ begins on the date of our first meeting. We will schedule our meetings based on the time that works best. 3 or 6 months together, 3 or 6 months with yourself... to move towards the direction of your full potential and the dreams that are calling you.

But first, we will meet through a free short discovery session via Zoom to see if I can help you and if we are a good fit to work together.

I help people understand their ego that controls their mental space, so they can live in harmony with their higher Self to follow their deepest dreams.

 Are you ready to invest in yourself and have someone supporting you every week?

It's time to take the time to take the time. Only you can decide to feel better, and only you can allow your full potential to shine from inside out!

“You question, you encourage, you guide, you observe. You make the world more beautiful. Thank you. This definitely represents you as a person. I will be eternally grateful that our paths have crossed ... Thanks to you, I am gradually evolving towards the best version of myself.”

“You saw our whole situation very quickly and offered me very good advice and a lot of hope. Thank you for your help I really needed to talk about this and clarity.”

“Thanks Nathalie! You are such a great support. I don't even feel the urge to apologize when expressing how I feel ... this idea had a big impact on me to think positively. You always help me understand myself. Thanks Nathalie!”

Towards a deeper transformation

It takes clarity to change. And it takes a possible overview or a possible detail. It takes a desire to want to change that is stronger than the present or recurring pain.

To change something, it takes a new perception, either of what is to motivate the change or of what we see to want to follow this path. It takes Vision or partial vision.

While the ego veils will not allow us to see one or the other keeping us from leaving an ego-comfort zone, it is by taking the time to answer certain questions that it is possible to open up to the miracles of life to create our reality. A miracle is nothing more than a correction of a false perception and a false belief, which are those coming from our ego. It simply rearranges a perception in the subconscious. It is choosing to stop serving the ego to serve our inner Self. It can be a way of thinking coming from the inner Self or even an exchange of services guided by the Universe. A miracle is actually natural but to the ego which has a misperception of everything, it seems to come out of the blue because it shortens the time between now and tomorrow. All that is magic and illusion comes from the ego while miracles come from the inner Self.

It is above all by taking the time to take the time to make the changes that we will be inspired to make, and not those that we would like to ego-make, that we will change elements of our reality to create a different one that will be more like the new ego-identity that we will take to realize our dreams or follow our life mission.

We are a spiritual Being journeying and experiencing through a physical Being, which is why we often hear that the body is the vehicle for the soul. The body is only the learning device for the mind. So it is in our mental space that corrections and changes must be made. It is first in our thoughts.

The ego is our ally, but before it is, we can think that we must eliminate it, which is impossible since the ego is to the physical body as the soul is to the spiritual Being.  Our mental space can only serve one at a time, either the ego or our Inner Self or Higher Self. It is our task to put our ego in the passenger seat to regain control of our mental space by lifting the ego veils one by one. Fear, our negative or positive but conditional emotions, our associations, and judgments all show us these veils. It is up to us to create our reality. As the ego makes, the Inner Self creates.

Harmony with yourself goes through the Zenitude of your mental space. And Zenitude comes through an open mind.

When we have our eyes open, we only see the illusions that are our life in the darkness of the ego, however bright they may be. When we close our eyes, we can see the Light and the reality that is nothing, or nothing other than what we can co-create.

Breathe In life, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see with your Soul, and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie :)

Life is simple, it is the ego that complicates it.