You already love Ho'oponopono?

Do you keep forgetting to use it in your well-being practices?

Not sure how to make it a habit?

After discovering Ho'oponopono in 2016 and understanding the immense benefits of this practice, I told all my clients and friends about it. I noticed that many had one thing in common, they had not made it a habit and did not really know how to remember it.

One day while I was thinking about this, an idea came to my mind: creating a workbook to help them. And I had a wonderful download of this project in my mind. And I had just seen in my now my first publication to create. The next two weeks were magical.

Although it is possible to buy this workbook directly online, you have here in this presentation a PDF version included.

I invite you to consciously and effortlessly practice this magnificent tool, one photo at a time.

What you will see in this program

Workbook PDF included

    1. Responsibility and Mantra

    1. Create a habit & example with one photo

    2. Allow inspiration.

    1. Fly love, fly - downloadable PDF version

    1. Thank you!

About this course

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Make this wonderful practice a habit now.