Breathe In, Love Out!

Leave your ego outside.

Dr Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.
Metaphysical practitioner
Spiritual teacher

Life coaching . Spiritual coaching

I invite you to Breathe In (life),
to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision,
to see from your Soul, and to 
Love Out
with an unconditional
 Gratitude Attitude.

Whether life or situations are difficult, reprogramming your subconscious to lift up the ego-veils... is up to you.

  • Know your Self, live in harmony.
  • Take back control of your mental space.
  • Mindfully choose the emotions and
  • thoughts that you will feed... effortlessly.
  • Stop your ego from controlling your well-being.

Does this sound like a desire you have for your well-being?

You are not the only person who wants to live in harmony and with your full power and potential.

Did you know you can reprogram your mindset one gratitude at a time? The most proven and effortless way.

“This course made me realize that the practice of gratitude is not that difficult to follow, especially when you can start with tangible things. Thank you. I thank Dr. Nathalie Turgeon for this course. ***** Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Accurate course description. Knowledgeable instructor.”

“Your easy quick exercises helped me when I thought I had nothing to live for. I tried to commit suicide, but when I was sinking, I thought about (…), and I thought about you told me that gratitude is the key. I took those 2 minutes to think about it and I swimmed back that river at 4am because I was not ready to leave. I got out, called the cops, went to the hospital, got help (…). I went back to life because I was grateful to have a mom, I was grateful I felt love at the last moment, grateful for my accomplishments, grateful to have you at that time and grateful to know it was not the time to go. (…) Thank you for helping me to get up.”

Close the gap

The key between now and your dreams.

Did you know that a practice of gratitude and an attitude of gratitude will allow you to bridge the gap between now and the dreams you want to achieve, the things you want to accomplish?

We all have dreams and sometimes we achieve them despite certain limitations. Pretty much all my life I have been making my dreams come true... although many have been achieved a little bit by default then and not with my full potential.

  • Early 20s, I dreamed of living in the US (I was a nanny in Beverly Hills.)
  • I dreamed of having a big family. (I have three beautiful grown children.)
  • I dreamed of overcoming my physical limits (I climbed Mt. Washington 3 times, once in solo mode. I ran Toronto-Beloeil, and MTL-NY. I descent -rappel facing down a hotel of 15 floors. All this after my 48th birthday.)
  • I dreamed of backpacking Europe despite my age. (I studied in London and left with only one suitcase.)
  • I dreamed of working abroad. (I went to work on a cruise ship based in Italy.)
  • I dreamed of visiting Italy, Palma de Mallorca, the French Riviera (The ship I was assigned to did all these places and I did not speak Italian nor Spanish.)
  • I dreamed of touring the UK locally. (I went camping around Scotland before visiting the historical sites of England.)
  • I dreamed of experiencing a cruise in luxury as a passenger. (I had a cabin with a balcony overlooking the sea.)
  • I dreamed of being self-employed with my own hours and working days. (Check.)
  • I dreamed of publishing my books. (I self-published on Amazon.)
  • I dreamed of seeing my books in bookstores without a publishing house. (I have a publisher's account allowing bookstores to purchase them now and I have a first edited version at Barnes & Nobles, and also in Germany.)
  • I dreamed of having a Ph.D. (At 50 I went back to school. I did my master's thesis on meditation and my doctoral dissertation on gratitude.)
  • I dreamed of having a view of a lake while I worked on continuing the changes I am going through. (There is a lake across the street.)
  • I am still following many dreams in motion.

Yes, some dreams included my ego-limitations, but they all helped my progression from one to the next and the more life progresses, the more they are as I wish them with my heart.

Gratitude allows me this energetic state effortlessly. Gratitude allows me to not have my ego controlling my GPS.

Unlock this program now and start transforming Your Life for the better

Isn't time to invest in yourself, your well-being?

Do it the non-ego-based way...

  • Are you tired of trying to cultivate gratitude with affirmations and mantras that don't seem to stick?
  • Do you feel a need to bring your gratitude practice to another level and not being grateful only when things are going your way?
  • Did you know that you can turn your gratitude response into a gratitude attitude, by reintegrating gratitude in a very specific and unique way so you can be unconditionally grateful?
  • Did you know that gratitude can help you close the gap between now and living your dream?

Invest in yourself. Sign up now and stop allowing your ego-based mind to veil your perceptions and obsolete beliefs.

Start transforming your life... effortlessly.

One step at a time. One week at a time. It is to yourself that you say yes.

Program Curriculum

It's time to bring your gratitude to a new energetic and deeper unconditional level.

    1. Who am I ? Dr Nathalie - bio

    1. Gratitude and its energy simplified

    2. A little word of Welcome!

    3. Gratitude Attitude

    4. What does gratitude mean to you?

    5. Gratitude Explained

    6. Gratitude Response

    7. I Am grateful for... vs Thank you for...

    8. The 4 steps for the next 4 weeks

    1. Step 1

    2. Week 1 list looks like

    3. Step 1 Reminder

    1. Step 2

    2. Week 2 list looks like

    3. Step 2 Reminder

    1. Step 3

    2. Week 3 list looks like

    3. Step 3 Reminder

    1. Step 4

    2. Week 4 list looks like

    3. Troubleshooting :)

    4. The What and Why

About this program

  • $288.00
  • CAD$
  • Videos. Audios. Downloadable PDF

Take back control of your mental space.
Choose with full awareness the emotions
and thoughts you will feed.
Stop your ego from controlling your well-being.

  • Would you like to be able to easily step away from your ego-based thoughts without effort?
  • Would you like to be a more positive person?
  • Would you like to be able to stop following the thread of negative thoughts by default?
  • Would you like to improve your mental health?
  • Would you like to improve your well-being?
  • Would you like to know how to reprogram your subconscious mind the way you want?
  • Would you like to find positivity more easily?
  • But most of all, would you like to do all this in a few minutes a day?

If you answered yes, this is for you. I created this program after developing an unconditional gratitude attitude myself for over 30 years. I had to overcome many obstacles to find gratitude in everything, without exception. I had to accept that there was more than the perception that my ego reflected to me, and to reprogram all my ways of thinking and my beliefs. In this program, I help you overcome these obstacles to find gratitude even through tears.

We can only develop a more positive mindset by developing an attitude of gratitude.

Although I am positive by nature, not letting the thoughts coming from my ego control my state of being, my ego-emotions and my mental space has probably been one of the most important obstacles in my personal journey.

I not only learned to develop an attitude of gratitude; I learned to master an attitude of unconditional gratitude.

I learned to transform my gratitude response, which is often how people express gratitude, into a true unconditional gratitude attitude, one that doesn't just require positive moments and things to be grateful for.

Each step of the program allows you to move on to the next. The program is created so that your ego does not interfere (too much).

I will give you the how and why of each step.

Are you ready to develop a more positive mindset and take or regain control of your mental space?

I encourage you to take your gratitude beyond thanks.

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Start today and effortlessly transform your life.

Only your ego will make you wait until tomorrow... so as not to leave your ego-comfort zone.