Welcome to your full potential!

  • Are you tired of not living your full potential?
  • Are you tired of not feeling in control of creating your life the way you know it can be, whether it takes a little or a lot of time?
  • Do you want to be able to become the person who lives his/her dreams?
  • Do you feel this deep desire to better understand your emotions and your mental space so that you no longer feel controlled by your emotions and beliefs?
  • Is it time to change not because you have no choice, but because you want to?
  • Do you really know how to recognize your ego-limitations, your patterns and your ego-perceptions?
  • Do you want to feel more in power over your life, but especially over what is happening in your mental space?
  • Is it time to say enough is enough and take the time to take back control of your well-being?

In this 5-Day Challenge, I help you understand in a very simple way your own personal limitations, your ego-perceptions and I help you transform them with full awareness with exercises that you will do by downloading the PDFs which will become either a starting point or even a pivot point towards a new evolution of yourself.

Basically, here is the content...

On day 1, we look more clearly and consciously at everything that surrounds 'planning your life better' to stop moving forward by default without talking about a schedule.

On day 2, we look at the limitations that can protect us as much as harm us depending on what they are, and how they are used.

On day 3, we talk about self-awareness, our abilities, and skills, so we look at beliefs that are both limiting and expansive, and why change our ego-personality.

On day 4, we look at perspectives or perceptions and we talk about ego-illusion and ego-reality.

On day 5, we talk about energetic frequencies and why it is important to understand them better to optimize our daily life, and also how to quickly raise your energy frequency with a very simple practice.

It’s time to take the time… to take the time!

Why this program and why with me? Because you won't find more authentic and expert on the subject of ego and gratitude.

It's for you if you want to seriously invest in yourself, to invest in yourself to follow your dreams and move towards your full potential and to make changes filled with wisdom. One step at a time. Your step at a time. You must want to invest your time and energy and believe that you cannot do it alone. I'm not talking about me, but about your Higher Self and your Higher Power. It's a little like me holding your hand at the beginning and then you will know how to move forward without me. :)


A voice over has been added to the original French version, so you have the same inspired and amazing content.

Did you know that the version of your Future Self has the energy and the steps to follow to get there?

Already at the beginning, I will invite you and encourage you to seek out a small piece of your full potential by watching a workshop that I published at the end of 2023. Why? Because we all have dreams that call us and because you will experience seeing that the perception you can have of yourself is very different from the one your ego offers you. And what's more? Because it's fun!


Did you know that every day, what we do and don't do allows us to embody or not that person who can live the dreams that you have deep within?

Every day we have successes. It doesn't matter if success is getting up in the morning or building a 15-story building, every action is a success. The value of any success or any action or the greatness of what we see, has value only for the ego.

Do you have a desire, or a dream and you don't know how to make it come true or what actions will take you there? Do you clearly see the limitations to getting there? This challenge will help you.

Do you have a project and you think you have failed when you had only followed one way of doing things out of several, but you no longer know what to do or even if the project is viable as if its life cycle or implementation was over? This challenge will help you too.

Seriously! You will love this 5-day challenge which will either give you answers or make you think and open yourself to more inspiration.

You only have a few minutes a day to invest with mindfulness in not letting the dream be just a dream and stopping ego-sabotage or self-sabotage.

5-DAY challenge Curriculum

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    1. Welcome!

    1. Let's be conscious about the subconscious.

    1. Take the time to enjoy seeing a vision of your full potential.

    2. Take the time to know what potential you can move towards...

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About this challenge

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  • 30 lessons 5-DAY CHALLENGE - videos/audios, downloadable PDFs and a great bonus

Is it time to say Stop the ego-sabotage?

Stop putting your deepest desires last, and letting your dreams be just dreams. Stop believing that you cannot live the life you want to live, or accomplish what you have deep within yourself. It's time to say STOP to the ego that takes up too much mental space and to go to the root to plant new perceptions and beliefs.