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8 to 20 participants per group

  • The blueprints of the spheres of your life... for the designer that you are. (new)
  • Unearth your Life Mission (8 weeks)
  • Reprogram your mindset using a  unique gratitude development method (4 weeks)
  • Become aware of what comes from your ego and what comes from your inner Self through morning affirmations and daily exercise (31 days)
  • You have a request... let me see if I can serve you.

Between $55 and $88 per participant per workshop, depending on the workshop.

Unearth your life mission

🌱Like all seeds which already contain the essence of what they will become and know beyond any doubt what they will become, you also know, but your ego-based mind perhaps prevents you from believing it. Let's unearth together what is hidden within you and what is your unique message without triggering the control of your ego.

“Brilliant workshop that taught me a lot so far!!! It really lives up to its name because I really feel like I unearthed my mission and it's a great gift you're giving us with this workshop. Looking forward to next week and seriously a bit sad because it will be the last. Thank you Nathalie!”

“The course Unearth your life mission was very beneficial to me and it still is today. I have developed good tools to get to know myself better and to know which path to follow to embody my life mission. In addition, Nathalie is full of sweetness, she listens and gives very good advice. Her personal experiences and professional qualifications shine through in her teaching. The course and its participants are extremely caring, which creates a real safe space to share, learn and evolve. Thank you Nathalie!”

“Nathalie, during these 8 weeks I found myself digging up my weeds and discovering pretty flowers that were there but hadn't noticed. With your teaching, I welcomed and understood that behind every weed hides pretty flowers. Thank you for this beautiful process, well designed and presented. The activities, the questionnaires, the tips and tricks, in short, the whole training allowed me to progress towards my Mission. Thank you for your generosity, your authenticity, your professionalism and so on. I really found my Life Mission thanks to you. Now I just have to do it and I'm counting on it. Sincerely !”

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