Towards a better balance with yourself.


  • Do you feel a need for more balance throughout your day?
  • Do you feel mentally exhausted at the end of your day?
  • Do you sometimes want to stop everything and start your day again?
  • Do you take time to reconnect with yourself during the day?
  • Are you looking forward to your days off?
  • Do you have any kind of mindfulness routine?


When I was younger, I believed that a mindfulness or spiritual routine was something you did in the morning or in the evening. And it didn't make sense that during the day I did not feel so Zen or in tune with myself.

When I started to become more aware of my energy and its influence throughout the day, I started to take a few minutes also during the day to be more Zen and in harmony with myself by spending a few minutes only to all sorts of practice.

Stepping away from the control of my ego to let my inner Self shine has become very important in my well-being balance and it is with pleasure that I found myself letting my inner Self shine throughout the day. It became easier not to let my ego control me.

I share with you here my well-being, mindfulness or spiritual practices, however you call them, since they all allow you to live in better harmony from morning to night.

I encourage you to try this amazing 7-day challenge because I want you to be able to live in better harmony with yourself too. Our energy has a butterfly effect far beyond our surroundings so go ahead... let your inner Self shine.

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

1 topic per day during 7 day

I am explaining to you how to make it a daily practice.

    1. Why this challenge and what we will see.

    1. Day 1 - Gratitude

    2. Day 1 - Gratitude mp3 (audio version)

    3. Day 1 - Gratitude worksheets to download

    1. Day 2 - Stillnesss

    2. Day 2 - Stillness mp3 (audio version)

    3. Day 2 - Stillness worksheets to download

    1. Day 3 - Expressing your inspirations

    2. Day 3 - Expressing your inspirations mp3 (audio version)

    3. Day 3 - Expressing your inspirations worksheets to download

    1. Day 4 - Giving from the heart

    2. Day 4 - Giving from the heart mp3 (audio version)

    3. Day 4 - Giving from the heart worksheets to download

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How about creating habits where your Spiritual being is more in sync with your physical being at all times? One effortless habit a day.


“I completed the 7-day challenge and I really enjoyed it. I encourage you to do it. It starts the day well and it is not very long and it's very inspiring!!! Thank you Nathalie!! ”

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